TechniReg is dedicated to helping both small and large businesses with all things related to worldwide regulations governing electronic products. We call these Technical Regulations and that is why the company is named TechniReg.  

We have successfully completed projects for Baxter, Emerson, Johnson & Johnson, and the Nielsen company - just to name a few.  

The president of TechniReg, Wayne Glover, has worked closely with UL, CSA, and TUV for more than 25 years. Our company has contacts at SGS, BSI, NEMKO, and many other NRTL's. We speak fluent agency 'lingo'. 

Why not let us fill out all the paperwork, review your product labeling, parts selection, and recommend agency compliant component suppliers. Many of our customers are those that have tried to 'go it alone' and then decided to come to us for help. 

You may have already discovered that Electrical Safety Agency certifications are closely associated with your Product Design and Quality System. That's why TechniReg provides support for these particular areas as well. 

Unlike some consultants, we do not mark up the cost of any outside services provided to you. We do not 'shield' you from the test labs or other support services we use. You are welcome to be copied on as much or as little of our communications with the agencies and our other service providers as desired. 

Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and provide help to make it through the myriad of regulations and approvals. TechniReg, Inc. was established in 2003 and is located near Tampa, Florida. We'll be glad to provide information to you regarding our qualifications and experience.  

Wayne Glover,  President  

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